Guild Meetings 2017/2018

by GVWSG Website Administrator

General information about GVSWG meetings:

Meetings are held the 3rd Thursday of each  month from September to June, alternating between evenings and days.  All meetings are held at:

BCArtscape Chinatown Community Cultural Hub
#408, 268 Keefer St., Vancouver, V6A 1X5

Evening meetings:

  • 5:45 pm – Executive Meeting
  • 6:30 pm – Library opens
  • 7:30 pm – The general meeting begins with the Guest Speaker, followed by a stretch break, Show & Tell, and the business meeting.

Daytime meetings:

  • 10:45 am – Executive Meeting
  • 11:30 am – Library opens
  • 12:30 pm – The general meeting begins with the Guest Speaker, followed by a stretch break, Show & Tell, and the business meeting.

Questions or comments?  Please contact us at 


GVWSG Program 2018/19


September 20, 2018 @ 7.00pm

Annual General Meeting – find out what your guild has been working on over the past year.
Extended show and tell—of all the creative work you have done over the summer.

October 18, 2018 @12.30pm

Amanda Wood: weaving non-places 

Using traditional weaving techniques and natural fibres within a contemporary framework, Amanda Wood creates both sculptural and two dimensional weaving. The work explores interstitial spaces and boundaries and often references cloth as a historical document and a marker of growth and connection. For Amanda, the tactile nature of this kind of handwork contrasts the limitations and contradictions of digital experiences and acts as a necessary place of refuge. 

Amanda will bring samples of her work, and share her inspiration and process for creating installations. 

Amanda is a member of the Guild of Canadian Weavers and the Craft Council of BC and sits on the Curatorial Committee for Crafted Vancouver. As a teaching artist, she works with children in public schools and with adults through her popular rigid heddle workshops held at the Silk Weaving Studio. Her work is currently at the Alberta Craft Council gallery in Calgary, the Crafthouse on Granville Island and can be found in Uppercase Magazine, and in the book Strange Material: Storytelling Through Textiles. Amanda will also be showing work in a number of group shows this fall.


GVWSG Program for 2017/18

Program descriptions will be added as they are received from the speaker.

October 19 @ 12.30pm

Sharon Kallis: Creating with Locally Sourced Material

With a “one mile diet” approach to sourcing art materials, Sharon Kallis works to discover the inherent material potential in a local landscape. Through local fibre-based inquiry, and with community members, traditional techniques are connected with invasive species, grown crops and garden waste. Based in Vancouver, Sharon is the founding executive director of EartHand Gleaners Society, and has exhibited and worked with communities internationally. Awards include the Brandford Elliott Award for excellence in fibre arts (2010) and Vancouver Mayors Award: craft and design (2016). Sharon is the author of Common Threads: weaving community through collaborative eco-art.

Sharon will bring fibre samples and examples of work and talk about recent and current projects that build awareness of what materials are easily sourced or grown in our local fibre shed, and how these projects develop skill holders and deepen our cultural connections back to all of our ancestors. From growing linen that is spun into kite-line or fishing nets to looking at different methods of processing stinging nettle or tanning salmon skin to leather- all of these materials are local, and have rich cultural stories to share.

November 16 @ 7.30pm

Thomas Roach

Cloth and Connection

There is something about hand-woven or hand-stitched cloth that is vastly more than the simple sum of its component materials. There are a myriad of layers of meaning, memory and connection that at first don’t seem visible, but are often transmitted anyway by the visual and tactile experience. Such is the power of cloth. As weavers, fibre artists and lovers of textile we know this. Imagine opening that experience up to a community to (re)discover together. Join Vancouver textile artist Thomas Roach to hear about his experience leading two large textile based community projects and how it has changed his approach to artmaking.

Thomas Roach is a Vancouver based textile artist who recently managed the (in)finite: spiritual conversations in cloth exhibition at Christ Church Cathedral. It is in that community that he created the Prayers of the Church Project (2016) and co-led the Common Threads Indigo Quilt Project (2012-4). Thomas currently serves as the BC Rep for the Surface Design Association.

December 21 @ 12.30

 Xmas pot luck and gift exchange

January 18 @ 7.30pm

Trish Graham

Travels in West Africa: Manjack brocade weavers of Senegal, with a side trip to the indigo shibori dyers of Guinea
Trish will talk about the trip she made last fall following the coast of West Africa from Morocco down to Guinea. She will highlight the Manjack brocade weavers in Senegal who weave incredibly complex designs on very basic draw looms. She will illustrate her presentation with short video clips of weaving in action, still photographs and fabric samples.

And then Trish will take us to the highlands of Guinea, famous for its beautiful indigo shibori.

February 15 @ 12.30pm

Rob Schinnour

Art Textile and Tapestry.

March 15 @ 7.30pm

Diana Sanderson & Darlene Ochotta (or alternates)

 The Ann Sutton Collection

Ann Sutton was a textile innovator from England who admired and worked with Junichi Arai and Reiko Sudo of Japan for 3 decades. During this time Ann collected their work including finished pieces and samples. Diana Sanderson acquired this collection about 5 years ago with a promise to share it with textile enthusiasts and the general public.

Junichi Arai started NUNO and brought Reiko Sudo to the team in the 1980’s. Together and independently they push boundaries with contemporary textiles. They have been involved in many projects creating small runs of textiles in collaboration with mills and factories in Japan in an effort to keep alive the strong textile skills and traditions in the country and make them available around the world.

Nuno textiles are at the forefront of contemporary textile design. They represent a convergence of centuries-old traditions with advanced technologies, ultimately transforming how we think about textiles today.

During this presentation, you will learn about Ann, Junichi and Reiko and have the opportunity to handle and study many of their textiles.

April 19 @ 12.30pm

Michelle Sirois Silver

Michelle creates hand hooked surfaces of stunning composition, colour and depth. At a recent Seymour Art Gallery exhibit of her and Katherine Soucie’s work, Michelle incorporated discarded materials, dyed panty hose into her work.

May 17 @ 7.30pm

Pot luck and de-stash sale

June 21 @ 12.30pm

GVWSG Block Study Group: Shawl Design Challenge

This group set themselves the individual challenge of researching a designer and then designing and weaving a shawl based on the designer’s work.


Scheduled guild meetings for 2016/2017:

Th Sep 15, 2016 @ 7:30 pm – Annual General Meeting, book sale, Extended Show & Tell, Raffle

Th Oct 20 @ 12:30 pm – Guest Speaker:  Helen McCrindle, on Kilts

Description: How they have developed from a flat length of cloth, the materials that are used and who wears them today.

Bio: Helen McCrindle is a kiltmaker who apprenticed with Irene Donegan, a long time kiltmaker in Vancouver, over 25 years ago.  She is also a master embroiderer and instructor, a past president of the Embroiderers’ Association of Canada and member of the North Shore Needle Arts and design group.  She spoke to Candy Palmater on her CBC radio show in July about kilts.

Th Nov 17 @ 7:30 pm Weave It and Wear It“, panel discussion with Diana Herbst, Janice Griffiths and Barbara Mitchell.  During this panel discussion three weavers from our Guild will share their knowledge and experience on the, “how to and what I do” of weaving yardage and making garments.

Th Dec 15 @ 12:30 pm – Holiday Potluck and Gift Exchange

Th Jan 19, 2017 @ 7:30 pm – Guest Speaker:  Joanne Nakonechny, on Carole Romanyk:  Weaving an Identify, Using the Past to Make the Present“.  Weaving provides us with many things and one of them is identity.  How we construct this identity requires warp and weft, both knowledge of weaving and the personal knowledge we bring.  This presentation focuses on how my aunt, Carole Romanyk, followed her warp and weft to become the weaver she is today.

Th Feb 16 @ 12:30 pm – Guest Speaker:  Felicia Lo, Founder & Creative Director of SweetGeorgia Yarns Inc., on “Dyeing to Spin & Knit

About 18 months ago, Felicia Lo fell off the fibre arts grid when she started a craft podcast for SweetGeorgia Yarns, signed a book deal with Interweave Press, and discovered that she was pregnant with baby #2, all within weeks of each other. Since that time, her book entitled Dyeing to Spin & Knit has finally been released, her baby girl is now 11-months old, and she’s published nearly 50 episodes of her podcast. Today’s presentation goes behind the scenes to show the process of developing the book, doing the dye experiments, and knitwear photo shoots. And she will share a bit about where her colour adventures are taking her in 2017.

Th Mar 16 @ 7:30 pm – Guest Speaker:  Jean Kares, on Asian Historic Textiles: Influence and Inspiration”

After many years of working as a textile artist and operating a publicly accessible studio on Granville Island, Jean Kares returned to university to complete a graduate degree in art history. Motivated by a love of its aesthetics and textiles, she specialized in studying Asian art. Today as an independent scholar she teaches courses in Asian art and textile history for SFU Continuing Studies, researches and writes about topics ranging from craft practice to Cantonese opera costumes, and makes the occasional indigo vat. In this talk, Jean will share images of historic textiles and art and discuss how these have influenced and inspired her artwork over the years.

Th Apr 20 @ 12:30 pm – Guest Speaker:  Anna Heywood Jones, on ” Tinctorial Cartographies

Anna is an artist from Ontario and British Columbia, currently residing in Vancouver. She holds a diploma in Fibre Arts from Kootenay School of the Arts (2008), a BFA degree from Emily Carr University (2013) and a MFA degree from NSCAD University (2016). Her practice is focused on building regional lexicons of colour and exploring the complex relationship between human and botanical spheres.

This presentation will revolve around Anna’s MFA thesis project (completed at NSCAD University) which emerged from the desire to undertake a focused study of Nova Scotian natural dye plants in the interest of taking a step towards developing a Canadian vocabulary of colour. The project houses one hundred and fifty handwoven swatches (each comprised of five fibres and three mordanting variables) which were dyed with a selection of indigenous, naturalized and invasive plants harvested over a twelve-month period from across Nova Scotia. The project is in one sense an exploration of the terroir of colour, of that which was extracted directly from the local landscape, and yet it also strives to act as a point of entry in considering the contextual meanings held within the plant life growing in the province and, by extrapolation, within Canada. What this project came to reveal is that the landscape itself is a repository of knowledge and that the presence and absence of various plant species offers insight into the ecological and social complexities of a place. Plants and textiles, the world over, tell complicated stories of colonization, migration, industrialization and the changing nature of local cultures and ecologies.

Th May 18 @ 7:30 pm – Potluck and de-stash sale

It’s time to clean out and let go of the yarn, books, magazines and equipment you are tired of and give it a new lease on life. Time to create some space for purchases made at the ANWG conference! Bring along your “treasures that were” to the de-stash sale. And if you are willing, for those items marked “free”, please make a donation to the Guild in the available box.

Bring finger food to share and your plate, fork and cup.


Th June 15 @ 12:30 pmVinitha Sarah John will talk about felting — CANCELLED

Th June 15 @ 12:30 pm Bookclub
We all have a favourite resource — a book, website, blog or magazine that we hold dear and which inspires our craft. Something we go back to time and again or a new find that rekindles our enthusiasm.
What is your favourite resource? Are you willing to share it with others? If you are, please come to the meeting prepared to talk about it.



Scheduled guild meetings for 2015/2016:

Th Sep 17, 7:30 pm

Th Oct 19, 12:30 pm

Th Nov 19, 7:30 pm – Presenter:  Sarah Confer on Quechua weaving from Peru

Th Dec 17, 12:30 pm

“The Annual Holiday Potluck and Gift Exchange!!”  Our annual holiday social meeting where we get to start off the meeting by eating great food brought in by everyone (savoury and sweets are both needed!!).  If you have any woven wearables then please plan on showing them off for all attending.  The latter part of the afternoon will be our handmade ornament gift exchange – emphasis on handmade!  Materials should be less than $10.00.

Th Jan 21, 2016,  7:30 pm – Presenter:  Trish Graham on Ghanaian Kente

Th Feb 18, 12:30 pm – Presenter:  Terri Bibby on Saori Weaving

Th Mar 17, 7:30 pm – Presenter:  Caitlin Ffrench on Natural Dyeing

Th Apr 21, 12:30 pm – Presenter:  Rachel Smith on Spinning & sources of inspiration

Th May 19, 7:30 pm – Spring Potluck and Informal Fashion Show!!  Bring your latest creations or something from the back of the closet!!  We will share clothing and any other items you wish to show and tell.  Please bring a food item to share.  Potluck dinner to start then the sharing will begin.  Door Prizes presented at the end of the evening.

Th Jun 16, 12:30 pm



Scheduled guild meetings for 2014/2015:

September 18, 7:30 pm

Presenter: Julie Holyoke and “Jacquard: a Loom of Opportunity for Today’s Weaver” Author/educator and designer Julie Holyoke reduces Jacquard weaving to a simple choice between two options: warp up /warp down as a pick is inserted into the shed and traverses the loom. In a one-hour presentation Holyoke will explain the opportunities that Jacquard or figured weaving offers us as weavers, illustrating her talk with images of textiles old and new. Holyoke will survey the technologies that allow us to create a variegated surface through woven structure and include suggestions on how we may use our own looms to weave the techniques typical of her discipline: damask, brocade, lampas and velvet.

October 16, 12:30 pm

Presenter: Anita Jamieson.  Anita Jamieson, a member of GVWSG and a recent recipient of a GVWSG scholarship will present, ” The Magic of Indigo  and old techniques and things Japanese.”  Scenes from the artists’ village  (one of 100 most scenic villages in Japan), a summary of katazome, stencilling, weaving on a 100 year old Japanese loom,  shibori and  the working of a Japanese indigo vat will be discussed.

Presentation follows the Guild’s business meeting which begins at 12:30 pm. Visitors and new members welcome to attend! For further information please visit  or email Grace at The Greater Vancouver Weavers & Spinners Guild meets at Aberthau, West Point Grey Community Centre, 2nd Ave at Trimble, Vancouver.

 November 20, 7:30 pm

Presenters: Summer and Winter Study Group.  Last fall, a number of GVWSG member’s attended Mary Bentley’s excellent “Summer and Winter” workshop. Mary Bentley (a GVWSG member) is a Master Weaver and teacher and conducted this workshop at the Fibre Works Studio and Gallery on the Sunshine Coast.  Mary has taught workshops all over Canada and the US and exhibited widely.  Her Summer and Winter workshop was 3 days and focused on designing with multi-shaft profiles, blending colours creatively, and incorporating inlay and pick-up techniques.  The members wove 10 samples in different fibres.

Upon returning to Vancouver, this group decided to meet on a regular basis to further explore this structure. We would like to share some of what we learned in, and since, Mary’s class. We will also show samples of our work. (Patty, Linda, Toby, Diana, Kathy, Sandra, Kirstin, Cathy, Barbara).

December 18, 12:30 pm

“The Annual Holiday Potluck and Gift Exchange!!”  Our annual holiday social meeting where we get to start off the meeting by eating great food brought in by everyone (savoury and sweets are both needed!!).  If you have any woven wearables then please plan on showing them off for all attending.  The latter part of the afternoon will be our handmade ornament gift exchange – emphasis on handmade!  Materials should be less than $10.00.

January 15, 7:30 pm 

Dianne Cross of Honeysuckle Studio, Sydney, BC.  Dianne is a certified Canadian Master Spinner and has been working with hand-spun/hand-dyed fibre for many years.  She received her certification from Olds College in Alberta in 1990, where she went to learn about the preparation and spinning of fibre for achieving light and perspective in tapestry weaving.  She has taught spinning classes all over the Pacific Northwest and has recently turned her West Coast eye to rug hooking.  Dianne has had several pieces included in Judy Taylor’s books on hooking with yarn and recently an article published in Ashford’s The Wheel.  Dianne’s will be talking about her “journey” as a fabric artist.

February 19, 12:30 pm

Rebecca Pavitt’s lifelong interest in textiles began at a young age when she learned to sew clothes for her family of dolls. She spent a happy year in the 1970’s learning to spin, dye and weave at PEI’s Holland College School of Design, after which she worked at the Island’s Heritage Foundation which has a wonderful collection of handmade quilts and overshot blankets.  By this time Rebecca realized her interests lay not in the creation of textiles, but in their repair and preservation.  She interned in the textile departments of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art where she worked with its fine collection of Pre-Columbian textiles, and at NYC’s Cooper Hewitt Museum where she worked on sampler storage.  Following her graduations from Buffalo State College’s Art Conservation Program in 1987, she opened a private conservation practice “Fine Art Conservation” in Vancouver.   A full professional  biography can be found on her website .

In February’s presentation she will give an overview of the ways in which textiles can deteriorate and general preventive measures,  followed by a few case studies and a question and answer period.  Guild members are invited to bring textiles for which they have questions on preservation, storage and display.

March 19, 7:30 pm

Venessa Bentley is a fibre artist who runs The Working Hands Fibre Arts Studio, where she works and teaches fibre arts programs year round.  She is also a full-time Grade One Teacher in a fully-integrated Intensive Fine Arts Program in the Surrey School District.

Arts integration is the foundation of Venessa’s Grade One Fine Arts classroom.  It differs from teaching the arts, or just using the arts in the classroom. Rather, arts integration is an approach to teaching, that is embedded in one’s daily practice.  The children gain a deeper understanding of their academic subjects when they are given opportunities to express their learning through the arts.  Recently Venessa’s Firsties became involved in a community project by using their creativity to problem solve a serious social issue – that of homelessness in Surrey.  Venessa will share the journey her students have taken over the past two years, and the changes they have brought about by working with their hands.  She will also share the joy of little hands at work yarn bombing their school communities.  This presentation focuses on the compassion and confidence that can be built through young people’s creativity.

April 16, 12:30 pm

Kim McKenna is a dyer first. Often people are hesitant to dye their own yarns or fabric because they are afraid of ruining a project after countless hours of spinning, knitting or weaving. Kim enjoys helping artists get past that, taking the guesswork out of dyeing and developing a solid understanding of the process involved. Her sound knowledge in the areas of fibre and dyeing is a result of her education which includes a B.Sc., Integrated Sciences at Carleton University in Ottawa and her 35 years of spinning, dyeing and weaving experience.   Kim was published in Spin Off magazine’s 2005, 2007 as well as their ebook edition “Spin-Off Presents: All About Silk”. She has taught workshops and lectured on the arts of dyeing and spinning for weaving and spinning guilds, museums, Olds College (Fibre Week), schools, arts festivals, arts centers, fibre festivals and retreats. In 2013/14 Kim was the faculty member in charge the Spinning and Dyeing Program at Place des Arts in Coquitlam. Kim was instrumental in the development of Treenway’s Salt Spring Island Series, a line of handpainted tussah silk roving (Cranberry Cove Calypso colourway seen above). Further information regarding Kim may be found on her website .

May 21, 7:30 pm

Spring Potluck and Informal Fashion Show!!  Bring your latest creations or something from the back of the closet!!  We will share clothing and any other items you wish to show and tell.  Please bring a food item to share.  Potluck dinner to start then the sharing will begin.  Door Prizes presented at the end of the evening.

June 18, 12:30 pm – note change of speaker

Kaija Rautiainen uses the very ancient medium of weaving combined with cutting edge technology in her images of West Coast nature. For 20 years, she used a traditional tapestry technique until the computer-aided loom allowed her to unite the image with varying weave structuresHer current work uses computerized Jacquard weaving techniques which she studied with Louise Lemieux Berube (The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles) and Ruth Scheuing (Capilano University).  She studies fibre arts in her native Finland and taught weaving there before  moving to Brazil, where she formally studied painting. She moved to Canada in 1985 and established her studio practice at Vancouver’s Granville Island. She has taught weaving at Capilano University and has given numerous talks and workshops on tapestry and Jacquard weaving. She has exhibited her work internationally including American Tapestry Alliance biennales and Cheongju International Craft Biennale 2009. For more information about Kaija Rautiainen, visit:



Scheduled guild meetings for 2013/2014:

September 19, 7:30 pm

Presenter:  David Brown.  David Brown was the Northwest Representative for Sothebys and a lecturer in carpets and rugs at the University of British Columbia and the Asian Arts Society.  His talk will give an  overview of the structure and technique of some weavings from the primary carpet regions of the orient. Time permitting, there will be a short power point presentation of select images of collectible 19th century rugs.

October 17, 12:30 pm

Presenter: Tessa Cherniavsky.  If we consider all that is done for wool before it begins its life in a weaving (shearing, cleaning, skirting, washing, picking, carding, roving, spinning, skeining and finishing), what do we do for ourselves and our bodies? Tessa explores a variety of approaches to discovering one’s own natural rhythm and balance, bringing about spaciousness and ease within the three centres of our bodies: the physical, the mind and the heart. Bringing in awareness of the breath with playful and gentle movements, we will discover the joy of being connected with ourselves in a single moment with a single activity.

Please wear loose, comfortable clothing to facilitate easy movements, both sitting and standing.

November 21, 7:30 pm

Presenter:  Kim McKenna of Claddagh Fibre Arts. Kim McKenna is a highly respected and sought after fibre arts instructor who has been spinning, dyeing and weaving for 31 years.  She has taught workshops and lectured on the arts of dyeing and spinning for guilds, museums, and many schools and other organizations. Kim’s topic will be:  Get to Know Your Silks  Cultivated silk, wild silk, peace silk, eri, muga, tussah, tasar, reeled silk, spun silk, silk waste, silk noil, throwsters waste…….we live in an age where we have access to so many different forms of silk fibres and yarns.  But not all silks have the same colour, lustre, drape, dye take up or durability.  This lecture will walk you through the different qualities of the various forms of silk available to us and in turn assist you to make discerning choices for your fibre arts projects,

December 19, 12:30 pm

Potluck and seasonal social.

January 16, 7:30 pm

Presenter:  Debra Sparrow  Title:  Exploring Musqueam Weaving    Debra Sparrow was born and raised on the Musqueam Indian Reserve and is self-taught in Salish design and jewellery making.  In 1983, she joined a class of women in Musqueam which focused on the revival of Salish textiles and has since been combining textile and Salish designs in a contemporary way through geometric, hand spun blankets and  hangings. It is Debra’s hope to educate others about the beauty and integrity of her people’s history through her art.

February 20, 12:30 pm

Presenter:  Ann Hamer  Title:  Dyeing with Mushrooms.  In her dyepots, Ann Harmer combines her twin passions for mushrooms and fibre. In this slide presentation, she’ll talk about the mushrooms that give colour, with examples of what’s possible in the form of handspun yarns and silk garments. She’ll conclude with a description of the Fungi & Fibre Symposium, an event held somewhere different in the world every two years

March 20, 7:30 pm

Presenters: Jo Skinner (primary), Diana Sanderson  Title: A Bit About Sanjo Silk.   Sanjo Silk, Vancouver’s newest fine yarn merchant, wants to show some of our new, intriguing, drop-dead gorgeous yarns, spinning fibres and other things. Where did we get them? Why did we get them? What makes them special? We will also review some of our workhorse yarns.  We’ll bring lots of samples so you can fondle them all. We’d also like to share with you our experience of setting up an online business. Of course, the retail shop at the Silk Weaving Studio is the best way to shop, but we’ve done a lot of work to make the online shopping experience enticing for our out-of-town appreciators.


April 17, 12:30 pm

Presenter:  Laura Fry – presentation “A good Yarn” – a look at fibre characteristics, spinning, and how weave structure and density affect the resulting textile.  Laura Fry chose weaving as a career in 1975 and took weaving classes at every opportunity, including study at Banff School of fine Arts in Alberta and Varpapuu Summer Weaving School in Finland.  She started he business in 1977 and since 1980 has worked full-time as a professional hand-weaver.

May 15, 7:30 pm

The May meeting is a special potluck social.  Artisans from other crafts are invited to join us.  Come and meet someone with whom you would like to collaborate on a project for the Year of Craft, 2015, and our 80th anniversary.  Bring a potluck dish, your business or art cards and a sample or photographs of your work.

June 19, 12:30 pm

Presenter:  Elaine Duncan – “A day without sunshine is like a day without weaving tapestry.”  Elaine Duncan will share her tapestry journey in a slide presentation other work, her exchanges and projects with other tapestry groups, and her life in Mexico.



Here are our scheduled guild meetings for the upcoming 2012/2013 year:

September 24,  7:30 pm

Felicia Lo from Sweet Georgia Yarns  will share her recent experiences with spinning, dyeing and growing a fibre-centric business including a “backstage” look at the filming of her course, “Spinning Dyed Fibres”.

October 18, 12:30 pm

Jo Anne Ryeburn will speak about, ” My Weaving Adventures”  In this talk she  will share some of the many weaves she has tried in her career.

November 15, 7:30 pm

Jean Curry from Olds College, will speak about the “Olds College Master Weaver Program:  History and Development”.  This is a credit program and is a companion to the Master Spinner program.

December 20, 12:30 pm

Christmas Party (informal fashion show and gift exchange)

January 17, 7:30 pm

Sharon Kallis from the Urban Weaver Project will talk about and show examples of past projects involving community with repurposing of invasive plant species using various hand-based techniques.  The talk will cover the past 10 years of her personal creative process.

February 21, 12:30 pm

Maria Wojtowicz of Chrzaszcz will present, “Ageless and Beautiful Creations for the Body and Soul”.  She will show samples of ladies apparel collections by Chrzaszcz and discuss the process of design, production and presentation for commercial clients.

March 21, 7:30 pm

Author Leanne Prain will give a visual presentation highlighting a wide range of work created by subversive stitch artists. Covering a wide range of topics including knit graffiti, embroidered tattooed baby dolls, or stitch-therapy; Leanne will discuss her research and the motivations, techniques, and inspiration behind these highly unusual works.

Leanne Prain is the author of two books, Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet and Knit Graffiti (co-authored with Mandy Moore) and Hoopla: The Art of Unexpected Embroidery, both published by Arsenal Pulp Press. In 2006, she was introduced to the knit graffiti (aka Yarn Bombing) movement via the internet, and the political and cultural aspects of modern handicrafts have turned into a downright obsession for her. Her books will be available at the meeting if anyone would like to purchase them ($20 and $28).

April 18, 12:30 pm

Louisa Chadwick will be speaking on “Backyard Dyes:  Grow Your Own”.  A lifelong fibre enthusiast, she has been dyeing fabrics, yarns and fibres since she was in high school.  Over the last few decades of experimenting with botanical dyes, Louisa has learned how to grow some of the historical dye plants and to use as much of her city garden as possible for dye colours.  She will discuss plant possibilities, seed sources, propagation, care, harvesting and dye techniques.  Even if you only have an apartment window box or a few pots on the balcony, you can have a little colour in your life!

May 16, 7:30 pm

Social evening.

June 27, 12:30 pm  (note – This meeting is one week later than usual because of the ANWG conference)

Members will present their ANWG conference experiences.



Here are our scheduled guild meetings for the upcoming 2011/2012 year:

April  19  12:30pm

Presenter:  Heleen DeBoer
Title: What an inda!

Description: Start with an idea for a guild project!
The story of the Mission Tartan,how a small guild can think big.

May 17 7:30 pm
Year End Social! Potluck and Exchange of Artist Trading Cards
Bring a dish to share and some Artist Trading Cards to exchange. More
information and inspirations to follow.

June  21  12:30 pm
Presenter: Carol James
Title: Sprang

Description: Sprang is a textile method with an almost unbelievable claim:
two rows of cloth for every one row of work. It results in a cloth with
amazing lateral elasticity, and little vertical sag, the ideal technique
for toques, sweaters, socks and more.

  • June 21, 2012 at 12:30 pm
  • September 20, 2012 at 7:30 pm
  • October 18, 2012 at 12:30 pm
  • November 15, 2012 at 7:30 pm
  • December 20, 2012 at 12:30 pm (SOCIAL)

The meetings will be held at Aberthau Mansion, West Point Grey Community Centre, 4397 West 2nd Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R 1K4.