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Looking to purchase 6 Dorothy Leclerc table looms and an Ashford Joy Spinning Wheel.

Please contact Pat at


For Sale
New Zealand single treadle wheel. Double drive band can be used, or scotch tension. 3 bobbins and a lazy Kate are included. It spins beautifully and is in great condition.
Price: $250
Contact Anita at or

phone 604 925 2432


For Sale
A Nova Scotia Walking Wheel in good working condition, dated from 1840. It is a lovely warm piece that would add character to a room.
Price: $500
Or phone 604 925 2432


 For Sale

Tradional Ashford Spinning  Wheel

2 lazy kates – 6 bobbins

Regular Flying Unit

Jumbo Flier Unit

4 extra bobbins

Set of carders

Hand Spindle

$250.00   Contact Annie at 604 228 9832



I am looking to buy a Leclerc 24″ 8 Shaft Weaving Loom that can fold.

Contact Sandra at


Raw Alpaca Fiber for sale – First (blanket) and second (rug) cuts available in dark brown, caramel, and white/cream.
The fiber is from our 8 alpacas and we just haven’t had the chance to take it through the production process.  Make us a reasonable offer — we just hate that the fiber isn’t being used!
Call Susan @ 360-241-7445


Looking for a Salish loom! My mother was a weaver and Master spinner most of her adult life but now has dementia and the kind of work she could once do is beyond her grasp. However, she has requested a Salish loom for her approaching 80th birthday, and so I am looking for one! If you can point me at a source or have one for sale, please contact me, Janet Wilson ( Many thanks all.


Hand made loom with kiln dried fir by Bob Eddy in Lumby, B.C., around 1977.  It was treated with Danish oil.
This loom is both a counterbalance and a jack loom.   It can be set up for either type. The position of the beater adjusts for each set up.
It can weave 45 inch fabric.  I have one reed which is 10/1.  The four harnesses are strung with string heddles – I have abut 400 right now and a bundle of seine twine to make more. There are 6 treadles.  Tie up is harnesses to lams to treadles. Floor to top of castle for counterbalance is 53 inches; for jack set up a little taller. Length from breast beam to warp beam is 45 inches; from left to right is 53 inches.
Ratchet and pawl are made of fir; brake as well, etc.  Cloth beam ratchet and pawl are fir.
Sale includes heddles, lease sticks and other wooden rods for apron tie ups; and aprons if desired; new tie up strings, etc.; 2 to 3 stick shuttles. *I will include a standard warping board with this sale. This floor loom has wonderful capacity for many projects; it is a work of art as well. It is currently warped with a simple project to make sure all parts are assembled and are working properly.   Price range $950.



I am selling a 45″ Cherryville counterbalance loom in excellent working condition. The previous owner commissioned it from Cherryville Looms in Lumby, BC in the early 70s.

Comes with a small amount of Texsolv heddles and Leclerc bench. Does not include reeds

The loom is not currently set up, but I can put it together in my basement for serious inquires.


4 shaft Leclerc loom for sale.

In perfect condition, used very little.

Includes 2 shuttles and 2 reeds size 8 and 12.

Price: $1,200.00


Contact Vera :


60″ Nilus Leclerc sturdy jack, 8 shaft weaving Loom in perfect condition. Comes with Leclerc’s back-hing treadle system and is perfect for weaving any type of fibre from rugs to fine linens. The Nilus loom includes removable breast and cloth beams to make warping easier. The heavy duty cloth beam ratchet mechanism and warp beam friction brake enable the weaver to put a high tension on the warp. Comes with ten foot treadles.  $795

Yvonne Gillespie, M.Mus.


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