by Marcella Reay

Line and Detail: Smooth Curves, Angles and the Geometry of Tapestry

Instructor:  Kathe Todd-Hooker is an experienced tapestry weaver who lives in Oregon. She weaves both large and small tapestries and has written several books sharing her technical skills, as well as leading workshops in her studio and for guilds. She will be coming to Vancouver in April, 2019 to lead a tapestry weaving workshop.

Date:  April 12 – 14, 2019

Price:  $300

Contact:  Workshop Organizer Myrna Lindstrom; email:

Presented by the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ & Spinners’ Guild (GVWSG

Tapestries include lines, curves and angles. There is also a basic geometry in tapestry — the weft most comfortably passes over the warp at right angles. The designs we choose often challenge the basic right angles of weft over and under warps.

What goes into designing for a successful tapestry? What technical skills are necessary to achieve the ideas and visions we have for our weaving? How do we get smooth lines: vertical, horizontal, slanted, curved? What planning is needed for smooth curves & slanted lines?

This workshop will be held at the Art Gallery at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver.

To register, please visit the link below.