Handwoven Lace Workshop

February 11, 2018

Instructor Barbara Mitchell

Date: March  17–18 2018, Saturday & Sunday
Price: $125 for the 2 days to be paid by Jan 31, 2018

Workshop description: Advanced Beginners
The Workshop will focus on four lace structures:  Spot, Bronson, Huck Lace, Atwater Bronson and Swedish Lace.
Participants will bring pre-warped looms (4 or 8 shaft ) choosing from a range of drafts, fires, & colors.
Warping information, including materials required, sett and threading drafts will be distributed one month prior to the workshop.
The workshop will be held at the Croatian Cultural Centre, 3250 Commercial Drive, Vancouver in the Art Gallery Room.

To register, please visit the link below.


February 15 Guild Meeting  12:30pm

Rob Schinnour – cancelled.

Rosie Kerschbaumer and Leslie Green

 In the first part of the program two recipients of a GVWSG scholarship will share information from the ANWG workshops they attended.

Rosie Kerschbaumer
Pictures, Piles, Potpourri, and Perplexing Curiosities taught by Robyn Spady.
In a round-robin format we had the opportunity to weave a variety of interesting fabrics that most of us would not try on our own, because they sound daunting, or because we simply hadn’t heard of them. I will talk about the fabrics we wove and share the binder with samples from the workshop.

Leslie Green
Tame Those Wild Colours taught by Diana Twiss
Why do spinners buy so many coloured braids? Because we love them! For all of the spinners out there that have purchased wildly coloured braids and then wondered: “What was I thinking?”, this workshop provided strategies for splitting the braids and spinning them into non-muddied, pleasing yarn. At the end of the workshop, we looked at dyed braids brought by students and discussed ways of spinning them.

In the second part of the program we will have a conversation and hopefully make a decision on how best to spend the money received from ANWG.

The guild is co-sponsoring Learn to Weave lessons at West Point Grey Community Centre starting Thursday February  1, 2018. For information and registration



Visit the Membership Application page to join.


Memberships renew for the period June 1, 2017 – May 31, 2018.



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