2010 May – Interlacement Symposium

January 14, 2010

Interlacement Symposium
May 17 to 23, 2010

In case you need further enticement to register for the dazzling lineup of Interlacement workshops, check out these tidbits. Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners Guild Member, Jo Skinner chatted with each of the Interlacement Symposium instructors to get the inside scoop on what makes each of these workshops exciting and unique.

Basketry and Spinning

Introduction to Basketry – Judith Olney May 20 & 21

Have you always wanted to learn how to make baskets? This is a step-by-step instruction class that will not only teach you the basics, but will encourage you to develop skills for adding techniques along the basket-making way – design as you go. Judith will teach why things “work” in basketmaking, lots of how-to techniques, and tidbits of information not usually found in written instruction – the stuff that’s “too silly” to write down. You’ll make at least one reed basket, including making your own handle – Judith will explain why this is such a great thing. Sit back, look at your finished basket, and bask in that great sense of accomplishment.

Adventures for Experienced Basketmakers – Judith Olney May 22 & 23

This is a heaven-sent format for basketmakers who know what they’re doing. You can bring the skills you already have to this class, and Judith will customize your learning experience to suit what you want to learn. After you’ve registered, you’re encouraged to view her website outlining your options and choices, and then contact Judith for input on what you’d like to learn. You can create the basket you want, or if you’d prefer to just learn some new, advanced techniques and not make a complete basket, that’s also an option. It’s almost like a self-directed study, but with an expert to guide you along.

Spinning Wool: Beyond the Basics – Anne Field May 17 to 19

Anne Field comes from New Zealand, a land populated by 8 million people and 64 million sheep. This woman knows wool. This workshop is focused entirely on learning the differences between the fibres of different sheep breeds and how to spin them to their best advantage. Anne likes to create a friendly, informal atmosphere with lots of laughter, as it results in the best spinning.

Surface Design

Esoteric Cloth – Kris Abshire May 17 to 19

According to Kris, this 3-day workshop is so jam-packed with techniques and play, she can barely describe it all! The thing that makes handweavers so special in the surface design world is that we can manipulate both the warp and the weft before the yarn is even on the loom. She’ll teach techniques for both pre-woven warps/wefts and finished cloth, including (but not exclusively) block printing, screen printing, nature printing (using preserved leaves), devore, arashi, and a Kris Abshire exclusive she calls “reverse transparency”, which is done on-loom. Be prepared to use brushes, squeegees, and wood blocks, paints, dyes and metallics. Be prepared for 3 days of unfettered play. (No loom required.)

Serendipity in a Cup – Kris Abshire May 20 & 21

Kris has developed this highly popular and fun class to take all the fear and guesswork out of warp painting. She has a wonderful technique for laying the warp out like a canvas so you can see the entire warp while you’re designing and painting. All her techniques, including the dyeing of the weft, are “direct application” rather than immersion, which results in rich, character-laden colours. She’ll also teach the use of thickened dyes, either freehand or with stencils, for your warps. You’ll paint 2 silk warps and wefts, one using a soft, watercolour technique, and the other using a more predetermined design method.


Colour & Design 1 for Contemporary Tapestry – James Koehler May 19 to 23

This workshop is based on a set of 4 Bauhaus design exercises: Geometry, Shapes from the Natural World, Dynamic Forms, and Symmetry. Each exercise will be explored, and a small tapestry will be created (or at least started). You’ll leave this workshop with a firm understanding of tapestry technique, and a confident approach to design. Some weaving experience is an asset, but you don’t have to be a tapestry weaver to enjoy this workshop. If you’re interested in the process of creating good design and colour, treat yourself to 5 days with this dynamic, talented and extremely popular instructor. (BYOLoom, either a vertical tapestry loom, a small floor loom, or a table loom – anything that will make 2 sheds.)

Collapse Weave: The Magic of Wool – Anne Field May 21 to 23

The best thing about this workshop is that you’ll be encouraged to break every rule you were ever taught in weaving school. How fun does that sound? Anne says that this workshop is not about advanced weaving – the weaving itself is quite simple – it’s about how the way we weave and the fibres we use create bendy, pleaty, flexible, drapey cloth that has loads of textural character. The first morning is spent warping the looms, with assistance provided where necessary. (Looms provided.)

Colour in Cloth – Cameron Taylor-Brown May 17 to 20

This workshop is all about weaving and how colour and weave structure work together. Coming from an archaeological angle, Cameron will show us countless examples, both images and actual samples, of weave/colour interaction through the centuries, and encourage us to use them as a vast library of inspiration for our weaving today. Armed with all this inspiration, we’ll weave our way into understanding how the colours we’ve chosen will be influenced by the weave structure, and vice versa. (Looms provided; warp the loom the day/evening before the workshop starts.)

Ready, Sett, Go / Spice it Up – Cameron Taylor-Brown May 17

This exclusive two-in-one workshop allows us to spend a bunch of time in the morning learning about and understanding sett, and then applying that knowledge in the afternoon to add accent yarns into existing warps. For those of us who always say a little prayer to the Loom Goddess when we guess at the sett of our expensive alpaca/silk warp, Cameron will teach us how to determine sett properly – no more guessing. Later Cameron will use a clever little device called a “tie-in board” to show us how we can swap out warp yarns on a prepared loom and replace them with dazzling accent yarns – on the loom. Imagine the possibilities! (No loom required.)

For further information about each of the 9 workshops and 6 lectures being offered at the Interlacement Symposium in May 2010, including registration forms, please refer to the Interlacement Symposium brochure OR visit the website http://www.gvwsg.com/interlacement/overview-of-events/

NEW – Interlacement Symposium Hotel Information

The Holiday Inn in North Vancouver located at the bottom of the hill from Capilano University is offering Interlacement Symposium participants a preferred rate during the week of May 17 to 23. The rate quoted is $146/room per night plus taxes and includes 2 queen beds as well as a microwave, fridge and coffee-maker. If you are interested please contact Petra at info@hinorthvancouver.ca or 604 985-3111 or toll free 1 877-985-3111. Be sure to mention that you are attending the Greater Vancouver Weavers’ and Spinners’ Guild Symposium in order to receive this rate.

See you in May, 2010!

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