2008 Feb 21 – Program – Felicia Lo – Photography for Textiles by Felicia Lo

February 21, 2008

Our presenter, Felicia Lo, discussed photography for textiles. There are plenty of practical and artistic reasons why we take photos of our textiles. The photos may be for personal record-keeping purposes or for professional use. Felicia emphasized that we first need to understand our focus — what aspects of the fabric or fiber do we want to portray in the photo? Then she discussed the variables that make up a good photograph, including shutter speeds, aperture, film, and especially lighting. A diffused natural light is best and can be achieved with several different set-ups. Composition of the photo must also be considered. An object off-center may make a more interesting photo. Felicia then presented a number of examples of good and bad photos as well as references for further study. She summarized with a quick list that will help us improve our photos:

  • Use natural light.
  • Modify your light source.
  • Use a tripod.
  • Bracket your exposures.
  • Consider your composition.
  • Have fun!

A copy of the lecture handout is available in PDF format at the sweetgeorgia yarns blog here »

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